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service contracts

Service Contracts

Service Contracts

Consistent Support
Large companies often employ an IT staff to maintain their computers and networks. Small businesses, often don't want or need even one a full-time person for IT maintenance. Nevertheless such support can be critical to company productivity. We therefore provide service in small numbers of hours so that small business owners can benefit from regular support at a predictable cost.

Consistent Cash Flow
We offer monthly support at a substantial discount below our normal service rates. Compare our rates to the cost and inconvenience of hiring somebody full-time or even part-time.

Risk Mitigation
Consider the costs of computer down-time, recovery of lost data, and unplanned repairs. It's our business to keep you up and running smoothly. It's in our best interest as well as yours.

Peace of Mind
Imagine how good it would feel to know that you have somebody to depend on for your technical support challenges, questions, planning, etc. Depend on us; we thrive on it.