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Data Recovery


In most instances, the data on a computer is worth far more than the computer itself. Personal data could be photos or home videos. Many times, these are irreplaceable if lost. Business data which is lost may be entered again, but the cost in time and labor is usually not economical.

Luckily, several kinds of hardware failure will leave the data on the hard drive intact. The drive just needs to be removed and the data recovered. A damaged drive is a much more difficult problem. Still, there are ways to -sometimes- recover the data from a damaged hard drive.

We use methods that may retrieve data if:
  • file(s) have been accidentally deleted
  • partition/indexing data has been corrupted
  • a bad block is causing part of the drive to be unreadable
  • the drive is not recognized as such by the computer
Our methods generally will not work if:
  • one file has been overwritten with another
  • there are mechanical issues, clicking, clunking, etc.
  • the drive is physically damaged
  • the drive has been purposely erased with a strong magnet
If we're not able to recover data, there are other facilities that may be able to. We're happy to refer you to them.

Your best bet, always, is to keep good backups.

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