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PC Repair

Laptop Repair

Laptop Repair

Laptops are a breed apart.

Fixing laptops is not like fixing desktop computers. Many companies won't work on laptops at all. Others will only work on particular brands. This is because:

  • Each laptop model is put together differently.
  • The internal components are small and very delicate.
  • Special tools are needed for disassembly and manipulation of parts.
  • Replacement parts are often unique and can require soldering.

Specialized Repairs

We perform several repairs to fix common laptop problems requiring expertise with laptops:

  • Replace LCD screen
  • Replace LCD inverter board
  • Replace laptop keyboard
  • Replace laptop motherboard

Bear in mind that most services we perform with desktops, we can perform equally well with laptops. That is: memory upgrade, hard drive replacement, peripheral installation, spyware removal, etc.

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