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We at H Street Business Solutions are more than happy to discuss your upgrades choices and any concerns that you may have regarding them.

The right upgrade can turn your computing experience from one of drudgery to one of real pleasure. Unfortunately, it is far too easy to purchase an upgrade that doesn’t lead to the expected payoff or may not even be compatible with your hardware / software suite. Older hardware will often be unable to properly support the latest high-powered devices and software on the market. Upgrade can lead to upgrade until every part has been replaced! The difficulty lies in determining which upgrade or combination thereof will substantially improve performance, without necessitating further upgrades.

At H Street Business Solutions, we have the knowledge and experience to help you chose what will improve your computing experience most dramatically. We keep up-to-date on the latest state-of-the-art without promoting products on the “bleeding” edge of technology. We install and test your upgrade without you having to leave your home or touch box-knife or screwdriver. Best of all, if for some unforeseen reason the upgrade is not compatible, we’ll take it back; you need not worry about return or replacement costs.

Some of the more popular upgrades follow:


The Technology



Broadband Internet 7-30 times faster than dial-up.
Leaves phone free for incoming & outgoing calls.
Dramatically faster web-browsing.
Quick downloads.
No missed calls.
Save time.
More enjoyable browsing.
Network router Connects computers situated throughout house.
Use laptop anywhere in the house (wireless router).
Hardware firewall in router.
Access internet from all computers.
Access printer, other peripherals remotely.
Protects you from hackers.
Backup via other computers.
Peace of mind.
Memory Computer can keep track of more things “in its head”. Faster, smoother operation.
Less error-prone.
Extends hard drive life.
Run more applications.
Save time.
More enjoyable computing experience.
Hard Drive

Up to 3TB on one hard drive.
Access external models with USB.
Plenty of room for pictures, music, video, software applications.
Fast, easy backup.
External: use with multiple computers, lock away when done.
Hassle free.
Save time.
Peace of mind.
Reader / Burner
Equivalent of 7 CDs on one disk. Watch DVD movies.
High capacity, long-term backup.
Save money on media.
Save time on backups.
Multifunction Printer Printer / copier / fax / scanner
in one peripheral.
Less equipment to buy, maintain, house.
Likely to be faster and better quality.
Save money.
Save space.
Operating System
(i.e. Windows 7)

More stable operating environment.
Faster boot and shutdown.
Improved security.
Less error-prone.
Less susceptible to hackers.
Save time.
Less hassle.
More enjoyable computing experience.
Peace of mind.

The above are only the most popular upgrades. Other choices include:

  • Flat panel display
  • Wireless mouse / keyboard
  • Keychain memory
  • 3D Graphics card
  • USB 3.0 card
  • Network interface card
  • External CD/DVD drive
  • UPS (Uninterruptible power supply)

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