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Friendly Service

We're friendly and professional. We know the frustrations of dealing with broken hardware, buggy software, and unhelpful help. That's why we're in business.

We help a wide range of clients, from those who claim to know nothing - to those who say they know enough to be dangerous - to proficient users. Nobody knows everything about computers, not even us.

Much of our business is from repeat clients. We like to think it's not only because of our expertise, but also because of our relationship with our clients.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Many times we get called after the "geeks" have already been there. Either they weren't able to solve the problem, or the problem came back.

We take our service guarantee seriously. If our technician can't solve the problem at hand, no charges will apply. We always request that our clients call us back with any questions or problems.

Within 72 hours of the service call, we will fix any service-related problems in the next five business days - or we'll refund the service charges.

Prompt Service

Our on-site appointments are for precise times. That means that we come at, for example, 2:30PM, and not "morning or afternoon?".

Although we may, on occasion, need to wait for parts, on the whole we finish your PC within a day or two.

We Won't Make You Feel Stupid

"So what was wrong?"
"Don't worry, it's fixed now."
Sound familiar?.. A little condescending?

We don't expect you to know what an AGP slot is.
We won't look down on you if you don't.

We speak plain English to describe what we're doing and what's wrong.
Ask all the questions you'd like.

Proven Troubleshooting Techniques

The complexity of computer hardware, software, and networking can make it difficult to properly diagnose and fix problems. Without a systematic approach, a half-hour job can become an all-day ordeal.

We use sophisticated diagnostic tools to help track down the root causes of problems. We keep a wide assortment of tools and parts in stock.

We quickly narrow possible causes and then fix the source of the problem.